Athira T J
Budding Engineer & Developer.
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A Junior Front-end Developer.

I'm an inquisitive Engineer, skilled in leadership, seeking to leverage solid development skills with focus on collaboration, communication and passion. I found web development more interesting, and I'm participating in various technical activities, to improve myself.

After completing my B.Tech at Government Engineering College Idukki, I joined Tata Consultancy Services as Assistant System Engineer. Currently, I'm looking for new opportunities.



Python 75%
C Programming 80%
HTML 95%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 80%
SQL 80%
Reactjs 60%
Expressjs 50%


Personal Portfolio

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

This is my very simple personal portfolio website to showcase my small projects and share my skills.

COVID-19 Tracker App

Reactjs, CSS3 and API

A web application for visualizing the up-to-date COVID-19 disease status across the world, making use of API.

Get Me Tweet Bot

Tweepy and Twitter API

A Twitter bot which save the tweets in the Inbox as direct messages. Project built for Build From Home challenge.

Store Locator

HTML5, CSS3, JS and Google Maps API

A Google Maps store locator to find out the stores present in an area. I made use of the Google Maps Simple Store locator documentation.

Todo List App

React, Redux, MongoDB and Expressjs

A simple Todo list application is a fun project built using MERN stack, as a part of my full stack development studies.

Connectr App

Ruby On Rails, CSS3, Nodejs and SQLite3

Connectr is a realtime chatting application built on Ruby on Rails built for Rookie Hacks MLH hackathon.

Newsletter SignUp

HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Mailchimp and Heroku

Newsletter SignUp is a project done as a part of a Udemy course. You can sign up for my newsletter here.

Netflix Clone

React, CSS3 and Netflix API

A very basic Netflix clone application is a fun project I made to learn Reactjs.


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